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    Globally networked operator.
    High quality technical equipments to various industries.
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    Up-to-date machinery.
    Rapid execution without compromising on quality.
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    Rapid execution without compromising on quality.
    Trustworthy and desired partner with decades of experience.
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The products made in Stairon are based on the designs of the clients and are always manufactured as efficiently as possible. Social responsibility and efficient procedures of the production along with the motivated staff create the groundwork for both project and production management. Project management in Stairon is flexible and reliable. It has evolved vastly through the decades of experience Stairon has gained. Stairon advances its planning of production and material flows with the LEAN-enterprise resource planning system. Comprehensive management of client relationships also requires precise operations after delivery such as service.

Project management has evolved vastly through the decades of experience Stairon has gained.

Customership management

Customership management is the most important factor for the functioning of Stairon. The goal of the management of customerships is to achieve as long relationships with the customer as possible. This can be achieved through continuous and active development and management. The overall and close co-operation before, during and after projects is essential for the customership. Listening the customer, understanding what the customer does, supporting the business of the customer and collecting feedback are all highlighted factors in the management and the success of the projects. The long history of Stairon as a project based and customer orientated metal company are the foundations for reliable and overall management of customerships.

Project management

Skilled Project Management

– The basis for a successful and adaptive project

Decades of experience and thorough workmanship are highlighted in the Management of Projects in Stairon. Even the most challenging projects are executed flexibly and comprehensively. The evaluation of resources and planning of the work have also formed to be reliable and confident. All of these factors create the basis for a successful project.

The Management of the Order-Supply process

–Care and Profession can be seen in all phases of the projects

Stairon controls the order-supply process reliably and steadily. The experience in managing the projects is highlighted especially in the order-supply process which is organized optimally to other arrangements of the project. The long experience of Stairon enables efficient and reliable implementation of projects and order-supply processes.

Manufacturing process

Project planning

The planning of a project is crucial for the execution of it. The planner of the work is responsible for the materials to be on the right place on the right time and on the right quantity. The selection of the right working practices along with the right workers is essential for the end result of a project. The long experience of Stairon is useful especially in the planning of the work where speed, certainty and cost efficiency are desired values.


The laser cutting technology in Stairon enables the production of utmost exact and challenging products. Precisely executed cutting optimizes the consument of materials and keeps the costs as low as possible. 

Press brake

The wide selection of press brake machinery and the competent staff enable versatile press brake tasks. The main priority is always the precision of the work. At best a precisely executed press brake task can reduce the need for welding and therefore have an effect on the overall costs and efficiency of the process.


Professionally executed welding is at the very core of the business of Stairon. For every material handled there is a skilled welder with the right welding class. Stairon uses a variety of welding classes and techniques such as MIG/MAG, TIG and Plasma. The welding phase of the project is a part of the assembly which is always executed according to customer wishes and the special aspects of the project.

Surface finishing

In the surface finishing phase of the projects Stairon utilizes its reliable network of partners. Surface finishing is an essential part of the process considering the overall quality of the manufactured product. Pickling and painting along with other surface finishing procedures can be organized via Stairon.   


The products made in Stairon can be shipped to the location of the customer in a full operational condition. Large premises are a key factor for successful equipping such as instrumentation of the product. The equipping is tailored for every project according to the wishes of the customer. The customer can for example carry out the equipping by itself in the premises of Stairon. 

Packaging and delivery

Packaging creates the very first impression of the quality of a product. Packaging and delivery are always adapted optimally to the logistic systems of the client and Stairon.  Every case is performed individually according to customer wishes and the special aspects of the projects. Packaging is always done precisely and neatly in a way that the product can endure rough conditions if necessarily.

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