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Something old, something new – Introducing Antti!

Antti Reivonen (MSc – Tech) joined Stairon as Sales Director and member of the company board on September 7th 2020. In addition to sales and new customer acquisitions, Antti is also responsible for the development of marketing and customer-specific sales processes.

Antti is excited about his new position:

“I’m so proud and very appreciative of the opportunity Stairon has given me in serving as its sales director. I have over ten years of work experience in the metal industry, especially in production and quality development capacities, and I think this experience is valued at Stairon.  My new position gives me an opportunity to challenge myself, and I bring my know-how and expertise in product manufacturing and improving producibility to Stairon and, in particular, its customers.

Stairon has made a quantum leap as a company over the past few years, with its youthful, motivated team, so I’m looking forward to tackling future challenges and working with customers.”

Antti was previously employed by Stairon in 2013-2016, when he worked on production development and quality management systems. Over the past 5 years, Antti performed a wide range of quality management and process development tasks at Sandvik in Turku, dealing with the manufacturing of heavy-duty mining machinery.

Stairon’s CEO Timo Kylä-Nikkilä is very happy with the choice of the new sales director and the return of an old colleague:

“It’s so nice to have Antti back in the fold, both as an old co-worker, but even more so because of his strong expertise. The sale of Stairon services requires a great deal of expertise in industrial production, thus allowing us to serve our customers with the highest standard of quality and develop optimally effective solutions for them.”