Caligo Industria is a company that cleans flue gas and utilises waste heat produced in the energy and processing industry. They have been warming up their cooperation with Stairon for a long time. At the beginning of this year, they jumped straight into the deep end. There are three generating sets under way. Stairon oversees their manufacturing from start to finish.

“Stairon is a reliable and flexible partner. To me, not wasting time on moot points adds value. Stairon takes care of the welding installation and coordinates the whole project in a respectable manner,” summarises Oskari Salovaara, Operative Manager responsible for production and manufacturing at Caligo.

Partners consistently on the same page

Manufacturing one factory-tested flue gas scrubber unit requires a supply chain that takes months. As Caligo’s assembly facilities were at full capacity in this busy year, the large generating sets are built at the partner’s factory for the most part.

“Naturally, Stairon could supply us with machine parts when needed, and we have received them in small lots. Talking about long supply chains, it is extremely important that all parties have a clear goal and that they communicate their actual progress openly. Stairon has managed well in this respect, and the schedules have been relaxed or tightened as needed,” says Salovaara.

Praiseworthy structuring of work throughout the whole process

Caligo chose their partner partly based on the fact that Stairon has operated in the industry for a long time, and they are a proactive actor that knows how to boldly raise the bar. Cooperation with Stairon had been tested on a small scale already in 2014, when Salovaara started working at Caligo.

“As a customer, I would estimate that both the structuring of work and the technical side are on a reliable level at Stairon.” 

Rising to tomorrow’s challenges together

In the future, Salovaara expects a continuum of cooperation, open dialogue and expertise that spars both parties. It is also important for the schedules, costs and price level to stay in line.

“Cooperation with Caligo Industria has been a good and developing experience for Stairon. I refer not only to our commercial projects, but also to the competences accumulated in connection with them and the produced competitiveness. Caligo’s top-quality products and the best professionals in the field have taught us many things. In response, we work hard so that we can provide Caligo with significant competitiveness now and in the future,” concludes Antti Reivonen, Sales Manager at Stairon.

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