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Stairon responds to change: challenges itself and the company’s partners to develop mechanical engineering

Turku-based Stairon is undergoing a transformation from a machine and equipment manufacturer to an industrial service provider

The new management of the company located in Pansio is developing the company together with employees. The company, which has now been operating under the new ownership for a year, has a strong belief in the future even during the coronavirus pandemic. According to the company’s CEO, Timo Kylä-Nikkilä, the purpose of the Stairon reform is to boost the company’s growth on the international market as well.

‘We are already operating in a variety of industrial sectors round the world. We believe in our operations and want to develop them to serve the entire supply and value chain even more extensively than before. Our view is that, in the future, all industrial actors will need to deepen their co-operation further to make the entire supply chains flexible, functional and competitive. We want to be involved in this long-term work. We have a strong foundation for this, as we’ve been working with industry since 1964. When we bring a novel approach to the sector and combine it with robust competence, something exceptional will come about.’

Sales Manager Antti Reivonen, CEO Timo Kylä-Nikkilä, Production Director Hannu-Pekka Peräntie and Purchasing Director and CFO Joel Sjöberg want to reform the industry.

Stairon’s customer promise is: Challenging the obvious – together.  Timo Kylä-Nikkilä hopes that customers will also have enough courage to challenge Stairon to tackle their challenges.

‘We have the expertise and will to find the best solution. Give us a problem and we’ll resolve it.’

According to Mr Kylä-Nikkilä, diversification also shows its strength in the exceptional times we are currently living in.

‘When a company operates in more than one industrial sector, it rests on several pillars. With our internationally successful partners, we are strongly involved in, for example, the paperboard and pulp industry, which has been showing signs of growth,’ Timo Kylä-Nikkilä points out.

Personnel involved in the company reform

Stairon has kept its employees strongly involved in the company reform.

‘The personnel have willingly joined the reform process. We have robust professional competence acquired over several decades. We still need it and want to develop it further. The personnel are thus playing a key role as we transform ourselves into a service provider. When everyone is involved in solving the customer’s problems, we can achieve the best result,’ Timo Kylä-Nikkilä states.

Hannu-Pekka Peräntie, Production Director at Stairon, agrees with him.

‘The reform was welcomed with enthusiasm. People consider this approach to be human-centred, and in order to succeed we all have to proceed at the same pace and in the same direction.’

Joel Sjöberg, Purchasing Director and CFO, also believes in Stairon’s well-working ‘combo’.  According to him, Stairon is in an excellent situation, as the company has both long, robust manufacturing experience and young, highly motivated management that wants to develop the company.

Newly appointed Sales Manager Antti Reivonen believes that Stairon can offer solutions that the customer did not even know existed.

‘Of course, this also requires strong expertise and understanding on our part of the end user’s needs. And we sure have plenty of that in Pansio,’ the new sales manager believes.

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