Stairon gives interns a smooth start in the metal industry

Practical experience is the best teacher when studying for a vocational degree in the metal industry

Stairon wants to support future professionals in the industry by offering students opportunities for internships. Given its long history, the company can guarantee its internees a workplace ringing with knowledge and ability.

Eetu and Santtu are from Turku and are students attending a vocational programme at Ammattiopisto Spesia. They spent six weeks at internships at Stairon learning their trade and accumulating expertise in the field. In the opinion of these young men, their brief stint at Stairon was a fun and educational time. Read further to see what other ideas have come to them during their stay.

Eetu and Santtu got many valuable lessons from project manager Aaro Kivistö.

How did you end up in the metal industry?

Eetu: My interest in the metal industry came from my grandfather who worked for 50 years as a metalworker at a shipyard. He had his own workshop in his garage, and we did a lot of metalwork together there.

Santtu: My father did metalwork at a plant in Taalintehdas. He sparked my interest in the metal industry.

How was work at Stairon?

Eetu: I have really enjoyed my time here! I got to work with some great colleagues at Stairon. The place has a good vibe. I always got help and advice.

Santtu: This is a nice place to work, and the atmosphere is great! I get help whenever I need it. This is why I would also be interested in applying for a permanent job at Stairon in the future.

What did you learn during your internship?

Eetu: The internship has taught me a lot about serial production and manufacturing, covering the entire course of the process from the first steps to the final finishing.

Santtu: I’ve learned a lot about production work. It’s been great to try a variety of different tasks.

What has been the coolest part of your job?

Eetu: I can’t pick out just one thing as so much has happened. My entire internship has been cool!

Santtu: It’s been great to see the paper machinery equipment being produced. It was interesting to hear my colleagues describe how these machines work.

What would you like to do next?

Eetu: I still have a year left in my studies. After that, I would like to get a job, of course. However, the goal before that would be to find a summer job in the field, perhaps even here at Stairon.

Santtu: Next spring, I will graduate from school, and I plan to apply for jobs in the metal industry after that.

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