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Co-operation from design to projects

Antti Mäntynen, Engineering Manager at Valmet Technologies Oy, has been working with Stairon’s resident employees on product improvement and manufacturing efficiency of air dryers for three years now. Sometimes the agenda has included design work, but also more and more project-related processes.

– As someone who has gone through two development projects and many design initiatives together, I can tell that our co-operation is proactive and knowledgeable, Mäntynen says.

At the beginning of our co-operation back in 2019, Stairon’s people immediately demonstrated their hands-on and active approach. Comments were not a scare resource and the targets were set high.

–  People at Stairon want dialogue. They engage themselves actively at every stage of the project. Costs and scheduling are also communicated transparently, and the previously agreed on numbers are also something that stick and can be trusted, Mäntynen says.

The value of co-operation increases when all parties understand the importance of transparency and appreciation.

– We can achieve savings in everything when co-operation is carried out by listening to the opinions of those responsible at different stages of the project and keeping the big picture in mind during every moment, Mäntynen emphasises.

Decisions reached during the design phase of a product have a major impact not only on the functionality of the product, but also on its manufacturability and, naturally, therefore also on manufacturing costs.

– It has been great to see that Valmet has involved us in the development of products at an early stage, so that we can influence these decisions. This way we can manufacture together products that serve not only the customer but also their end customers, Stairon’s Planner Miika Pietilä comments.

Pioneers in co-operation

– Certainly, co-operation is at its best when the customer trusts their supplier so much that they involve this into product development from the very first steps of the project. This also keeps the spirit and mind of production team fresh, and constantly challenges you to think and consider new methods of manufacturing. It feels an honour to participate in product development work of a leading company in its own field, tells Hannu-Pekka Peräntie, Production Director at Stairon.

According to Mäntynen, smooth and seamless co-operation can also be expected in the future.

–Stairon’s expertise can be clearly seen in how they take ownership of manufacturing technology and advanced welding robotics. Co-operation is smooth and competent.

During our years of co-operation, Mäntynen has been most positively surprised by the attitude of Stairon’s people – over and over again.

– Level of commitment by Stairon’s people is truly exceptional. They show common ground and benefits, and certainly consider positive effects of co-operation for both parties. The way they operate is really professional.