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Co-operation stemming from shared values

Vema Lift, a manufacturer of rescue lifts and rescue vehicles based in Kaarina Finland, and Stairon have worked together long-term and intensively in connection with products that require co-operation in manufacturing and product development. Stairon has claimed their position commendably.

– Stairon can boast with robust expertise in industrial manufacturing, good understanding of the importance of quality and Finnish origins. We value these things greatly, Vema Lift says.

Vema Lift’s history covers over 1,000 manufactured units delivered to 40 different countries. The company is now part of Nordic Rescue Group, together with Saurus Oy which manufactures rescue vehicles. A forward-looking company also demands a lot from their partners.

– Our company manufactures and markets rescue lifts and vehicles worldwide. Naturally then, it is an unquestioned prerequisite that we can be certain of the quality of our products. Stairon has been a key supplier meeting these requirements for Vema Lift.


Partnership grows from openness for change

Without communication and openness for change, partnership cannot work as expected and in a forward-looking way.

– Proactive approach to manufacturability related questions of our products has brought additional insights to support our design work. Straightforward communication on the part of Stairon’s professionals has been the key for effective co-operation.

Change is always present. Many devices which are in the product development phase still undergo changes during the manufacturing stage.

– Stairon always reacts to changes openly, Vema Lift summarises.

– It has been exhilarating to see how extensively Vema Lift’s staff have participated and their open mindset for new proposals when presented with common challenges. Open business culture yields the best results, and I believe that is the case here too, Antti Reivonen, Sales Manager at Stairon, comments.

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