Stairon has been officially recognized as a Great Place To Work

We received the Great Place To Work certification™ as a testament to the satisfaction of our employees and the positive work culture within our organization.

Participating in the survey was driven by the desire to identify areas for improvement in our work environment. The recent certification indicates that areas for development were identified in the survey, and actions have been taken to address them. Despite the busyness of the past two years for Stairon, satisfaction among our employees remains high.

“It is crucial for us that the collaboration between the company and employees evolves. The GPTW survey is a valuable, unbiased channel where we can bring forth suggestions for improvements in the workplace. This is a democratic way to enhance working conditions since all survey respondents are on an equal footing,” stated CEO Timo Kylä-Nikkilä.

The primary beneficiary of employee satisfaction is always the customer

Work well-being and safety are integral parts of our responsibility program, and their improvement is an ongoing process. The certification also provides an opportunity to communicate to our customers that we are fair and secure partners.

“This is a sign that we recognize the importance of our employees. Our professionals are the entire machinery of Stairon, not just a part of it. It is undeniable that satisfied employees provide better service to our customers,” added Kylä-Nikkilä.

By providing favorable conditions for work, we ensure the continuity of operations and expertise at Stairon. This, in turn, secures our competitiveness in the coming years.