Stairon has been awarded a total of five quality certificates after the company passed the audit by the certification company Kiwa Inspecta without any deviations, that is, completely without remarks. The clean papers are a testament to the fact that Stairon’s quality management is at an excellent level in several different areas and exceeds the requirements of quality standards.

Maintaining Stairon’s quality system involves documenting the quality of the organization’s operations, production, service and products. The purpose of the quality system is to ensure that operations meet the requirements of quality standards. The audit examined the requirements set by five different certificates. What are these different certificates and what requirements do they contain?

ISO 9001 – The ISO 9001 quality management standard helps to build, maintain and develop a company’s quality management system. It ensures that the quality of the service and product, as well as customer satisfaction, meet the requirements of the certificate.

ISO 14001 – With the ISO 14001 environmental system standard, it is ensured that the company complies with the environmental requirements applicable to it and achieves the environmental goals set for it. The standard aims to support the company’s environmental management and promote sustainable development.

ISO 45001 – With the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management standard, the organization takes care of the health and safety of its employees and working conditions. It aims to anticipate and reduce risks in the workplace and improve employee well-being.

ISO 3834-2 – The ISO 3834-2 standard for quality requirements for fusion welding of metals defines comprehensive quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials. By monitoring the welding process and complying with quality requirements, the high quality of the final product is ensured.

EN 1090-1 – The EN 1090-1 standard evaluating the performance level of load-bearing metal structures defines the requirements for the performance level of construction steel and aluminum parts and construction product ranges. The certificate requires monitoring and approval of the company’s internal quality control system at the factory.

Stairon intends to continue working to maintain these quality standards and actively develop the quality management of its operations.