Stairon is investing in a new German-made Zinser 4126 B plasma cutting machine. The machine, which will be taken into use at the end of 2023, will boost processes and make it possible to meet customer expectations even better.

Zinser 4126 B is a combined machine that can be used for 3D plasma cutting, milling and threading with 3,000 x 13,000 mm shearing capacity. The machine also supports the introduction of future additional functionalities such as tube cutting.
“With this investment, we can meet customer expectations even better and more cost-efficiently and reduce the turnaround time of production,” says Stairon’s CEO Timo Kylä-Nikkilä.

Improved production quality and efficiency

One of the most significant advantages of the machine is its large working area and the integrated drilling unit. Drilling, milling and threading can now be done in a single process with the same machine.
“It will improve cost-efficiency and increase our own production capacity,” Kylä-Nikkilä says.
The plasma cutter is supplied to Stairon by Vossi Group Oy, which is also responsible for the installation and start-up of the machine and training Stairon’s employees. The current estimate is that the plasma cutting machine will be operational at the beginning of December 2023.

Watch the manufacturer’s video about the Zinser plasma cutting system!